The clean eater vs the lunchable

The other day I was doing my weekly... Ok tri-weekly grocery shopping trip (it's hard to get everything you need in one trip when your toddler is running wild... The struggle is real!) anyway, I was checking out and I casually looked at the grocery items on the belt at the check out lane next to me. I noticed the obvious mom was purchasing the following: cokes, other sodas, twinkies, cupcakes, boxed dry meals, and other processed foods including my arch enemy the lunchable. Not just one, but 10-12 of them going home with her that day. Which made me wonder, is this what is going to school in the cute little lunch box with ponies and super hero's plaster on the side??!! A lunchable, a soda, and a Twinkie?! Super hero's they are NOT! 

I wanted to walk over and minister to her like I was a preacher from the baptist church my grandmother use to make me attend! Nitrates and sugar will not get you into those skinny jeans my child! 

But I kept my words of wisdom to myself, and here they sit on my blog. So now I can share my tips on how to pack a fun healthy lunch! 

You only need a few simple things! Chicken breast cut into cubes/strips or nitrate free smoked turkey breast. I like to cook whole turkey breast on Sunday's and slice or dice it for the weeks lunches. Yes I do throw in a pb&j on occasion, but why not? It's loaded with protein and whole wheat bread is a win! 

Add your own cheese, crackers (my son likes the almond snack rounds) blueberries, chopped strawberries, some type of pretty fruit, you get the idea.... Cup of milk or organic 100% juice and a little animal cookie for good measure and bam! You've got yourself a fun healthy "lunchable" without the gross crap and I guarantee you'll save money! 

Feed your angel babies with love!!!